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AppCam Solo 2 - Set Up Recording Schedule

Last Updated: Nov 07, 2018 02:09PM CST

Set up a recording schedule so the camera detects and records motion during certain hours of the day.
  1. Select the Device Settings icon (  ) to display the Device Settings screen.

  1. Scroll to the Alarm section, tap PIR Settings and then Schedule. The main Schedule screen displays.

  1. The main Schedule screen lets you create a recording schedule in 6-hour increments and copy that schedule to other days.

You want your camera to record from 8:00 PM in the evening to 8:00 AM the following morning on weekdays. Next, you’d like your camera to record from 8:00 PM Friday until 8:00 AM on Monday.
First, set up the weekday schedule - midnight to 8:00 AM, and 8:00 PM to midnight.
  1. From Device Settings, tap PIR Settings then tap Schedule.
  1. Tap each day to unselect it.

  1. Select a day whose schedule you want to set. For this example, tap Monday. You’ll set up
    weekdays first and then the weekend.

  1. Each block on the row is 1 hour in 24:00 time format. Select 00:00 AM - 05:59 on the first row (all six blocks) and 06:00 - 07:59 on the second row (first two blocks). Select the last 4 blocks on the last row. You’ve selected the camera to trigger motion detection from midnight to 8:00 AM and from 8:00 PM to midnight.

  1. Tap Copy To on Monday to copy that schedule to the rest of the weekdays. Tap the circles on the days to copy that schedule to. This graphic shows that you’ve selected Monday (pale green) to copy to Tuesday through Friday (regular green).

  1. Tap  to return to the Schedule screen. Select a day to check that the schedule copied correctly.   Collapse that day to return to the Schedule screen again.

  1. Now we need to schedule the camera to record motion throughout the weekend. Tap All for both Saturday and Sunday. Collapse the days to see the Schedule screen again.
  1. Your schedule should now be complete.

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