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How to set up Motion detection for LightCam 40HD

Last Updated: Sep 21, 2018 10:02AM CDT

Setting UP Motion Detection

After setting up the LightCam, you will want to set up the motion detection.  Please see the QSG (Quick Start Guide) to make sure to install the camera, change the default password, connect to the camera, and connect the camera to your Wi-Fi.  After that is done, you can go to the Advanced settings on the camera and click on the Motion Detection option.  This will open the Motion Detect menu:
  • „User can turn the PIR (Passive Infrared) detection on or off.  This is for detecting motion.  If PIR is enabled, motion will be detected and a video event will be recorded.  Please keep in mind that there is a small delay in uploading event videos to the event log.
  • „User can set VMD (Video Motion Detection) Settings.  Clicking this link   will open the next screen:

  • „There are two options on the VMD scree, which will open up a second   screen:
    • „Sensitivity will open the next screen which allows you to select the Motion Detection Sensitivity for Day Time and for Night Time.
    • „Both Day and Night Sensitivity settings can be set to Off, Low, Medium, or High.  See the next two screen shots.

To mask out motion:
  • „In the Mask Area settings under the Video Motion Detection menu, you   can mask out the areas in the picture that you do not want motion to   be detected.
  • „Click on the squares in the picture grid that you want to mask.  When   the square is a solid blue, motion in that area will be ignored.  This is   important if you don’t want recording events triggered by tree   movement, near by streets, or a neighbor’s yard (for example).
  • „The picture to the left shows areas along both sides of the camera   image that are blue, and therefore will be ignored for VMD.
  • „Click “Select All” to select and mask out the whole grid.  Then you can   add areas to be un-masked.
  • „Click “Delete All” to remove all the masking in the image.
  • „Click Save, at the bottom, when done.

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