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When to Call Uniden and When to Call Telephone/Carrier for Support

Last Updated: Jun 21, 2018 09:58AM CDT
Nothing in life can be more frustrating when you are having an issue with your product or service, so you call up a support line, go through menu options, and wait on hold.  Finally getting to customer service, only to be told you have to start the process over by calling someone else.  To help alleviate some of this stress, see this quick guide on when to call Uniden Support, and when you should be talking to your telephone carrier for support.

When to Call Uniden:
  • Specific telephone questions
  • Features:  Intercom, Silent Mode, Adjusting the Ringer & Compatible Handsets
  • Phone Set Up:  Setting Date & Time, Adjusting earpiece Volume, and Security Code
  • No dial tone, out of range, unavailable, searching, base rings but handset does not.
  • Range questions
  • Interference issues
  • Handset registration & de-registration
  • Owner's manual questions
  • Phonebook (in phone) questions
  • Caller ID use and setup questions
  • Parts inquiries
  • Repair questions

When to Call Telephone Service Provider:
  • Caller ID or Caller ID on Call Waiting
  • Billing issues or inquiries
  • Payment issues or inquiries
  • Any service questions
  • No dial tone because other phones in the home are having the same issue
  • How to connect the telephone line
  • Username and password issues & inquiries
  • Questions about internet and phone service
  • Call agent lights and other service lights are on the unit
  • Returns - if purchased through the carrier
  • Voicemail service
  • Ring time on Voicemail
  • If it has anything to do with the telephone service and not the physical Uniden phone, call your local service provider

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