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PTZ won't pan, tilt, or zoom

Last Updated: May 10, 2017 11:31PM CDT

Uniden provides your PTZ with a simple setup.  You do not have to manually set the DIP switchtes in the camera if connecting to the PTZ camera to a Guardian DVR system.  

Follow these steps when setting your PTZ camera up.


  1. Physically plug the PTZ BNC connector into channel 1.  The camera automatically comes programmed to "Address 1", which corresponds to channel 1.  
  2. If you have a need to plug the PTZ camera into another channel follow these steps to change the "Address" of the camera in the DVR settings. 
    • IMPORTANT: You can set your PTZ camera’s address in the admin menu of your DVR. Go to Main Menu > Setup > PTZ. 
    • You will see two tabs: Serial Port and Advanced.
    • Under Serial Port, choose the "Channel" you have the PTZ camera physically plugged into.  Change the "Address" to "1".  Then change Channel 1 address to the channel number the PTZ camera is physically plugged into.  
      • EXAMPLE: You have plugged your PTZ camera into channel 4 of your DVR.  It is not doing anything when you press the PTZ controls.
      • You go to PTZ settings and change channel 4's address to "1" and change channel 1's address to "4".  This sets the address of the camera (which is set internally in the camera) to match the electronic address of the DVR.
      • Hit save and then test the PTZ controls, ensuring when you do you have chosen the physical channel the camera is plugged into when you bring up the PTZ control screen.  

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